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November 6, 2012 / missjandme

A Real Eco Adventure – Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre

A few weeks ago, the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre celebrated their 10th anniversary with an Open House, which Miss J and I attended.

OVWRC is a comprehensive waste recovery facility processing container, paper, organic and inorganic waste. While visiting we were able to take a tour of the facility and see the area where the container waste is sorted. It’s an amazing, fully-manual process where the human sorters pull individual types of plastic and metal for processing, as well as removing any trash or organic waste mixed in. We also saw the compost area, where the organic waste is sorted (although mostly by machine in this area – who’d want to touch it?!) and processed. We learned that OVWRC is one of very few facilities which can offer full organic waste composting, including meat and dairy products, due to their specialized process for composting. Our tour guide asked the group what they thought was the most common contaminant found in the organic waste, and Momma made the correct guess – silverware!

The OVWRC staff also offered a crafting station for the kidlets, using recycled materials such as empty pop bottles (made into music shakers) and the metal ends from juice tins (made into jewellery.)

Following the tour and our craft break, we were treated to an awesome performance by Junkyard Symphony – a group of musician/entertainers who perform using instruments and props made entirely of recycled materials. Junkyard Jonny chose Miss J to be his special helper through the performance! She held a large CHEER laundry soap jug, and when Jonny wanted applause from the audience he pointed to Miss J and she held up the jug so the crowd would know to … CHEER! It took her a few tries to get the hang of it, but then she got really into it, and her enthusiasm got as many cheers as the performance. As her reward for helping, Junkyard Jonny presented Miss J with a copy of the Junkyard Symphony CD, which she loves and was using as her bedtime music for some time afterwards. I’m still singing “Blue Recycle Box” to myself now and then!

And of course, I took pictures! (Click the thumbnails for a gallery of larger versions.)


Recycling Mascot

The green bin mascot. Miss J refused to stand with it!




Making recycled crafts.



We both had a great time at the Recycling Centre, and really enjoyed learning about where our trash goes when it leaves our house. Ever since, Miss J is even more interested in recycling and is so eager to help me out with the recyclables and compost. We were already very committed to our municipal recycling and compost programs, but we left with a new respect for the work done there, and a renewed commitment to ensuring that we make their job as easy as possible by being careful with our sorting at home.
Have you ever been to a recycling centre? What did you learn there?


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