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September 20, 2012 / missjandme

Reasons Why I’m a Crappy Mom

A couple days ago, I ran across a post on a blogger’s Facebook wall that absolutely horrified me. She had posted an adorable picture of Moms and babies, with a caption to celebrate that even though we all parent differently, we all love our kids. It somehow turned into a hate-fest, as women who object to circumcision began to vilify and name-call at other parents who have circumcised children. I don’t know why this stuff still surprises me, but I was just astounded at the vitriol and hatred these women were spilling out onto something that was intended to bring mothers together.

In solidarity with this picture and Jen of Life with Levi I present to you:

10 Reasons Why I’m a Crappy Mom

  1. At dinner, I make her clean her plate before I’ll give her seconds of any of it
  2. Sometimes the Ponies get their hair brushed, but I forget Miss J’s
  3. Miss J gets consequences (we don’t call them punishments) for misbehaving, and we stick to them even when she CRIES
  4. Sometimes I tell her I don’t want to play with her, then give in because I can’t resist her cute little face
  5. I let her watch The Big Bang Theory (and sometimes lie when she asks about something I’m not ready to talk with her about yet – ie. S-E-X)
  6. I let her dress herself, and only make her change if there are weather considerations – even when she looks looney (yeah, that’s a backward t-shirt, leggings, and a bike helmet)
  7. I make her set the dinner table, properly, and then don’t let her leave it until she’s swallowed whatever she’s chewing
  8. I close my eyes and grit my teeth so she and Dada can have their little games (the pretend piledriver, the upside down swing-around, the now-defunct “toss in the air” – she’s about 10lbs too heavy for this one now!)
  9. I tiptoe into her room at night just to look at her sleeping and peaceful, especially when we’ve had a rough day

and number 10: I’m doing the best I can, and sometimes that’s not good enough. BUT – I’m learning to be OK with that! And that’s why I was so astounded to see a group of Moms calling other Moms names over their personal decisions. Nobody’s perfect, and to attack someone who made a choice you disagree with is ridiculous to me!

(Note: this is a tongue-in-cheek list. I know I’m not a crappy Mom. And if someone else does think that, they can keep it to themselves until they’re perfect themselves.)


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