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June 25, 2012 / missjandme

Bubble Snakes Revisited

So after the bubble snake fiasco, I assumed that Miss J would never want to touch the bubble snake blowers again, but it was surprisingly easy to convince her.

Friday evening she had an early bath because we’d gotten quite dirty at our garden (which is coming along nicely and will be the subject of a new post soon!) So even though she was in her PJs, I suggested bubble snakes, and she quickly agreed.

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A neighbour girl saw some of our bubble snakes float by her house (a good 100 metres or more away!) and came to investigate, so we let her play too. I particularly included the last photo to show how tall Miss J is getting – R is 10 years old! We got a couple good gusts of wind, and a couple of our bubble clumps went up, up and away over the houses at the end of our lot. Miss J is sure some of them must have made it all the way to the library!

I think I need to tweak the bubble solution a bit, or possibly change the fabric on the blowers. The longest snake we managed was just 24 inches or so – cool, but not much of a snake. Our next time, we’ll try colour. You just dot the food colouring onto the blower after the bubble solution, and the bubbles come out coloured!

Miss J had a great time and has asked a few times since about doing bubble snakes again. I’m going to chalk up this project as a resounding success!

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