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June 21, 2012 / missjandme

Pinterest Bites Back

I love Pinterest, don’t get me wrong. But it certainly has its flaws. For one thing, I’ve seen misinformation being passed around far faster than can be done via Facebook or email. For another, it’s a complete time suck. And yes, that’s about me and not their fault, but hey.

Today I experienced a whole new level of Pinterest fail.

Miss J and I set out to do one of the projects I’d pinned for us. It was going to be so easy, so fun. I was going to have so many wonderful pictures to share.


So here’s the project – Bubble Snakes! Look at the lovely family having such a fun time.

So Miss J and I scrounged up a couple of water bottles (luckily we had a couple in the recycling from a long car trip last weekend where we’d finished off our water from home – we almost never buy bottled water.) She gleefully combed her sock drawer for a pair that were too stained or too small – how pleased was she to provide a pair that was, in fact, both? We cut and duct taped – we got out our giant jug of homemade bubble solution.

Prepped and ready, we started blowing bubble snakes. Shrieks of gleeful laughter ensued as the wind started to blow them back on our heads and floated the pieces around the yard. And that’s when it all went wrong. Miss J got a little confused. She sucked instead of blowing.

After ten minutes at the kitchen sink rinsing and spitting and wiping and crying, Miss J was unwilling and unable to go back to our fun activity. I plopped her on the couch with a big glass of water for her ouchie throat, and cleaned up all our equipment. Thirty seconds of bubble snakes.

Maybe I should have thought to tell her not to suck on it, but she’s been blowing bubbles for years. I never thought that a five and a half year old would need to be told to blow into a bubble blower, instead of sucking in. Maybe I should blame myself for her distress. But me, I’m going to blame Pinterest.

And now I’m going to log back in and look for our next – hopefully less dangerous – project.

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