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June 1, 2012 / missjandme

The Messy Kitchen Epiphany

I had an epiphany this morning. (As an aside, doesn’t my post title sound like an episode of Big Bang?) I was doing dishes. Again. And wiping up counters. Again. And then Miss J finished her yogurt and handed me the bowl and I was picking up the dish scrubbie. Again.

And I was moping about it. Again. About the untidiness of the dirty dishes in the sink and the clean dishes on the counter and how the juicer and the tea kettle and the compost pail were cluttering things up.

And that’s when I realized – you can only keep a completely beautiful kitchen if you’re not feeding your family from it. I mean, I can keep it tidy and clean. But I can’t keep it perfect. It won’t look like a magazine spread or an IKEA commercial. I’m preparing 2-3 meals and countless drinks and snacks in it daily. I’m making bread and yogurt from scratch. I’m fermenting kefir and kombucha and sourdough starters. I have oils and spices within easy reach. I have canisters of flour and sugar that I open regularly.

So I decided that I’m going to take joy from this. From the fact that I’m feeding my family the best, most nourishing meals I can. From the fact that my daughter knows that she can open our fridge and find freshly washed berries to munch on. From our silly fridge magnet collection. From the way my body feels better when I drink my probiotic drinks. From the noises Miss J makes when she’s devouring homemade yogurt (did I mention I don’t even like yogurt that much?) From the sweetness of the fresh juice. From the familiarity and comfort.

Today I found joy in my messy kitchen. Will you tell me where you found joy?

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