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May 26, 2012 / missjandme

Yard Saling

I had planned to post today about a really great customer service experience I had this week, but I couldn’t resist a chance to share the awesome haul we made today.

Earlier in the week, J and I noticed a sign at a local realtor stating that there would be a charity yard sale today. We headed out there as soon as we were all ready, and for a $5 donation we brought home a really cool change sorting bank (not a necessity, but since we’re constantly scrouging for the right change to help Miss J split her allowance amongst her Spend/Save/Share/Invest jars it seemed useful) and a cooling rack for the kitchen (I apparently discarded mine in the Great House Selling Purge of 2011) – but Miss J made out the best, bringing home a Darth Vader suit and mask, and a multi-coloured lightsaber!

Our next couple stops yielded a really cute curio shelf for $3 – another couple bucks for paint and I’ll have a lovely display for some of my treasures. The next couple were not so hot, and we got only a few books and a colouring book (Star Wars again!) for Miss J.

But then! We happened past a community sale at a local nursery school. Miss J got her face painted, plus a few little Star Wars character toys – and I got a juicer! This is a roughly $80 machine, which I got for $20, brand new in a sealed package! I’ve been wanting to try juicing, but afraid to invest the money in the equipment. This is perfect, this is a really good juicer, and I’ll have a goood chance to try it out for such a small investment. It does seem to be a discontinued model, because Amazon was the only place I could find it, but that won’t be a problem for me.

We visited a neighbourhood where a number of folks were having sales in close proximity. We got a couple of games for Miss J’s Leapster for a very good price, a couple odds and ends toys, and a really cool clock to help her learn to tell time analog. She’s very literal, as 5-year-olds tend to be, and will argue with me if I say it’s 10 to 3 – “It’s 2:49, Momma!” I also found a ribbon board in a pretty dark blue to match her room – I was going to try making one but it was a buck. Now Miss J will have a place to display all her postcards and fortune cookie fortunes we’ve been saving.

All in all, we had a fruitful morning. My goal for future yard saling is to restrain Miss J a bit more, as we’re getting into a bad habit of bringing home random stuff we don’t need. I’m also on the lookout for a dresser, as I’d like to replace ours. We actually spotted a lovely one today, but it was sadly already sold. Oh well, one will turn up sooner or later.



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  1. Sonia / May 26 2012 7:52 pm

    Nice find on the juicer!

    • missjandme / May 26 2012 8:59 pm

      I know, I was so excited! I was kind of hemming about spending the money, but then I realized I’d be a fool not to.

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