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April 25, 2012 / missjandme

Welcome to Miss J and Me

Introductions all around!

I’m L, the Momma (or Mimi as Miss J has taken to calling me lately.) I’m 38 years old, married 10 years to my wonderful hubby, and Mom to the amazing Miss J, aged 5 going on 15. I left my job as a nursing home Office Manager to move to CFB Petawawa with my husband, who is a member of the Canadian Forces (Army.)

J, or Dada, is our soldier, hubby, and Dad. Military life can be trying, but we couldn’t be prouder of the choice he made to embark on a new career at 35 in order to help us secure a better future for Miss J.

Miss J is 5 years old, intelligent, sweet, precocious and sometimes moody. My Mom assures me that this is Karma. She really is 5 going on 15 sometimes, but she’s still our little girl.

While Dada was away with the Army for two years, Miss J and I shifted towards a more natural diet and eco-friendly lifestyle. Dada doesn’t understand my “hippie ways.” But, he’s doing his best to join us on this adventure (as long as I don’t ask him to give up his Coke.)

I really want to document, both for Miss J’s sake and for our family back home, some of our daily activites, both our triumphs and our failures, as we strive to live life better.

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